In 2014, Our Co-Founders, Julianna Ormond &

RC Williams Had A Vision

Their vision was to align the interests of communities, donors, & non-profits through technology, as well as providing resources to young creatives, allowing them to rap a business around their ideas to protect them & build generational wealth.

That vision grew into The Give Foundation, with a mission to align the interests of communities, donors, and non-profits through open-sourced technologies, solutions that make sense, and collaboration for mutually beneficial outcomes.


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The Birth Of The Lab Model

In 2019, they heard the call for a space where like-minded organizations and individuals could come together to connect, create, crowd-source solutions to problems, & help the community with their relationships and expertise.

The Lab model, and its flagship location in Orlando, were born.

The Lab model is designed to align the interests of the community, businesses, investors, & government. As the community hub for training, education, & resources to improve socioeconomic status by harnessing the power of Qualified Opportunity Zones and other community resources.

We empower the communities where Labs are present by providing community residents with tangible life skills, helping entrepreneurs to scale their businesses & create jobs, and crowdsourcing solutions to community challenges to deliver meaningful ROI to investors, sponsors, and supporters. 

Our model & flagship location have been supported by

The Executive Office of The President on Domestic Policy
The Department of Housing and Urban Development
The Office of Senator Tim Scott (R-SC)
and have been featured nationally. 

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